Neerlandia Urk B.V. actief in de vismarkt

Neerlandia Urk: Active in the fish market for 50 years

Welcome to Neerlandia Urk, the expert in fish processing with a rich history of more than 50 years. Our family business, located in the largest fish center in Europe, Urk, has always distinguished itself in the international market for North Sea fish, Atlantic fish and salmon products. Discover how we are the top supplier in the fish market with passion, dedication and sustainability.

A wide range of seafood products

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Salmon from Neerlandia is available in various forms, including fillets, portions & loins, steaks, salmon burgers, cubes and poke bowls. These products are available in a variety of sizes and trims, both individually quick frozen and fresh. Salmon is ASC/BIO certified and packaged according to your preference, ranging from bulk packaging to individually vacuum-packed options, suitable for both wholesale and retail.

Plaice from Neerlandia is MSC-certified quality and available in a variety of options to meet your needs. This includes whole plaice, both with and without skin, in various weights, ready to cook and individually quick frozen or fresh. We also offer plaice fillet, also with the option of skin or without, in various weights, single or double, individually quick frozen or fresh, and even breaded and/or pre-fried.

The lemon sole from Neerlandia is MSC-certified and offers a wide range of options. You can choose whole lemon sole, with or without skin, in various weights, ready to cook and both individually quick frozen and fresh. We also have sole fillet, with or without skin, in different weights, single or double cut, individually quick frozen or fresh, and even breaded and pre-fried. For a quick and easy option, we also offer lemon sole goujons, individually quick frozen and breaded and pre-fried.

The squid from Neerlandia is available in a wide range of sizes and offers several options for preparation. You can choose whole squid, available in various weights, both individually quick frozen and fresh. Our whole squid is packaged according to your requirements, with options for bulk packaging in 5-10 kg cartons or 6-20 kg polystyrene boxes. For more information about our squid products, feel free to contact our sales team.

The history of Neerlandia Urk

  • 1972 – Pioneers in North Sea fish: Brothers Herman Romkes and Albert Romkes began processing and trading North Sea fish, with twelve filleters. Thanks to their language skills, they built a clientele in France, Italy and England.
  • 1974 – New Building on Urk: Neerlandia Urk was at the forefront of the development of the Urk fish trade. In 1974 we moved into new premises on the Urk industrial estate.
  • 1985 – Strong Growth: The 1980s brought the strongest growth, necessitating new premises.
  • 1998 – Hypermodern Premises: After moving from the fish auction to the industrial area, we moved to a hypermodern building in 2000, meeting the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements.
  • 2012 – Own Fleet Z300 ‘Sola Gratia’: Neerlandia Urk participates in its own fleet, including the cutter Z300 ‘Sola Gratia’, which practices various forms of sustainable fishing.
  • 2022 – New Generation at the Helm: The new generation is now at the helm of our family business, which has grown into a complete seafood supplier, from the best of North Sea and Atlantic fish to a wide range of salmon.

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We invite you to take a look at our YouTube channel , where we would love to take you behind the scenes at Neerlandia. Discover more about our passion for fish, our craftsmanship and the people behind our company.

We invite you to contact Neerlandia Urk for all your fishing needs. With more than 50 years of experience in the fish market, we offer high-quality products and excellent service. Whether you are looking for salmon, plaice, lemon sole, squid or other seafood, our team is ready to help you.