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If you are looking to buy cod (Gadus morhua) for wholesale prices, Neerlandia Urk is the fishing processor for you. We have delicious wild-caught cod originating from the waters around Norway, Denmark and the Faroe islands. With over fifty years of experience in catching, processing and supplying North Sea fish, you can trust our company to bring you the very best fish.

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Neerlandia Urk is a professional and experienced supplier and processor of delicious cod for wholesale prices. If you want your cod with sink, we offer fillets, portions and loins. These three options also come in a skinless variety. Our cod steaks always come without skin. Whatever your preference may be, all of these are quick-frozen shortly after they are caught and can be ordered in various weights. When you order our fish you are guaranteed to have a delicious meals for the customers who buy from your business. Neerlandia Urk is not just an expert in cod. We also offer other delicious species of fish, such as the Atlantic redfish.

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For excellent cod at wholesale prices, look no further than the experienced processor from Urk, the largest fishery centre in Europe. Get in touch with our office by calling +31527748509 or by sending an e-mail to info@neerlandia.com. We are looking forward to supplying your cod. For all information on cod and its packaging from this experienced processor, take a look at the specifications.