How Neerlandia of the Netherlands became a major salmon processor

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How Neerlandia from the Netherlands became a major
salmon processor was

Neerlandia Urk began processing and trading flatfish such as sole, plaice and flounder in 1972. Through language skills, Neerlandia is able to build a large customer base. Therefore it was necessary to expand, which they were allowed to do in 1974 on the then virgin Urk industrial estate. It made strong growth in this and Neerlandia had to move again in 2000 to even larger premises. A building with 5000m2 of production space. Where it is still located today.

Our path to supplying salmon to wholesalers in Europe

Due to stricter government measures regarding wind farms and a ban on pulse fishing, fishing vessels have faced a shrinking catch area. This has led to the abandonment of several fishing vessels, as the area to catch fish has decreased. In response to this problem, Neerlandia expanded its product range, and began importing and processing salmon. Significant investment has been made in a salmon processing line that automates much of the processing process. Today, Neerlandia Urk is one of the largest salmon processor in Europe.

Salmon process at Neerlandia

How salmon is transported from salmon farm in Norway to a fish farm in the Netherlands

Neerlandia from the Netherlands cooperates with the very best nurseries from Norway. These farms meet strict certifications around breeding, allowing Neerlandia to offer the best quality salmon. Farmed salmon needs a day and a half to cure, this is the ideal outcome for Neerlandia because the salmon needs about that time to arrive to us. After being caught, the salmon are immediately chilled and then shipped to the Netherlands in boxes, so that the fish arrive at Neerlandia in optimal condition. These boxes are transported by truck, equipped with refrigeration to ensure that the salmon remain cool throughout the journey, while a cold air stream circulates throughout the truck.

Main differences between an Alaskan salmon farm, a Scottish salmon farm and a salmon farm like Neerlandia

The most striking distinction between Neerlandia and salmon farms in Norway or Alaska is the remarkable diversity in our salmon processing . At Neerlandia, our goal is to offer a wide range of salmon products. Including salmon fillets with or without skin, salmon portions and loins, salmon steaks and salmon cubes through this we are able to meet the customer’s requirements. Neerlandia offers a wide range of packaging options including bags, tempex, vacuum packaging, bulk and retail boxes. These versatile options represent a significant advantage for Neerlandia in salmon packaging. This allows us to meet the unique needs of our customers and ensure optimal freshness and quality of our products, resulting in satisfied customers and a strong reputation in the seafood industry.

How the largest salmon farms focus on quality

Fresh salmon

At Neerlandia, we have strict standards regarding our salmon. When salmon is purchased, the fish is still alive and takes about 1.5 days to mature. The salmon spend about 2-4 days on their way to Urk. This is ideal for so because this way the salmon arrives at Neerlandia at its freshest state.

Once the salmon reaches the Netherlands, it is immediately put into processing under the most stringent requirements for hygiene and food safety. This ensures the highest quality of the product.

Fresh salmon is shipped the same day of processing, meaning customers can enjoy a product in optimal freshness. Salmon can also be frozen immediately after processing.

To emphasize our commitment to quality, Neerlandia Urk meets the strictest certification standards. We are certified by ASC, MSC, BRCS, FDA, IFS GLOBAL GAP and also have organic certification.


Neerlandia Urk distinguishes itself from other players in the international market for North Sea fish, Atlantic fish and salmon products by putting trust first. We supply the highest quality fish to international cash & carry wholesalers, food services, supermarkets and fishmongers.

On the Youtube channel of Neerlandia are also videos about the various processes within Neerlandia Urk. Below is a video about our salmon processing.

Salmon Processing at Neerlandia Urk

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