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Neerlandia Urk is a leading supplier of plaice and plays a crucial role in both the import and export of plaice, both within Europe and abroad. For high-quality Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa), look no further than the experienced fishermen and fish processors of Neerlandia Urk. As one of the largest fish processing companies in Urk, the largest fish center in Europe, we have built a solid reputation over more than 50 years. Our family business, consisting of more than 150 dedicated employees, guarantees the delivery and processing of fish according to the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements.

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Plaice whole

  • Authentic Taste Experience: Our whole plaice retains the natural flavor and texture of the fish flesh, giving you an authentic culinary experience.
  • Versatility in Preparation: Perfect for various cooking methods such as grilling, baking or steaming, giving you the freedom to apply your favorite cooking technique.

Plaicefillet black and white

  • Double Choice: Enjoy the choice between the signature black and white plaice fillets, both with their unique flavor profiles and textures.
  • Healthy Option: Lean and rich in nutrients, plaice fillet is a healthy source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Plaicefillet white

  • Pure Taste: The white plaice fillet offers a mild and delicate flavor, making it an ideal choice for lovers of subtle fish dishes.
  • Quick and Easy to Prepare: With minimal preparation time, you can quickly enjoy a nutritious meal with our white plaice fillet.

Breaded Plaice:

  • Crispy Delights: Our breaded plaice combines the tenderness of plaice fillet with a crispy, flavorful crust for an irresistible texture.
  • Time-Saving Convenience: Ready to bake or fry, making it a convenient option for busy days without compromising on taste and quality.

How Neerlandia Urk became a plaice supplier

As a fish processing company in Urk, the largest fish center in Europe, Neerlandia Urk has strengthened its position as a leading plaice supplier for over 50 years. With a dedicated team of more than 250 employees, the family-owned company supplies top-quality fish to international cash & carry wholesalers, food services, supermarkets and fish stores. It distinguishes itself by focusing on trust and strict standards of hygiene and food safety. Thanks to experience, stable relationships and certifications such as MSC, ASC and IFS higher level, Neerlandia Urk embodies sustainability. Their own fishing vessel the Z-300 participates in various forms of sustainable fishing, including efficient twinrigging for flatfish and flyshooting for various species of fish in the North Sea and English Channel. Neerlandia Urk is a reliable and leading supplier, constantly striving for the best choices for fish and quality.

The processing of plaice

The processing of plaice at Neerlandia Urk begins with the catch, carried out by the company’s own fishing vessel, the Z-300. This dedicated fleet plays a crucial role in ensuring the freshness and quality of the plaice.

Once the catch arrives at Neerlandia Urk, it is immediately subjected to a carefully orchestrated processing process. The plaice are first carefully sorted, using strict quality controls to retain only the best specimens.

The plaice then undergoes precise filleting, with experienced professionals preparing the fillets with expertise and dedication. This process ensures that the plaice fillets meet the highest standards of quality.

After filleting, the plaice fillets are immediately packaged to maintain freshness, or they are quickly and efficiently frozen to retain their optimal flavor and nutritional value. This fast and efficient processing process at Neerlandia Urk guarantees not only the highest quality plaice products, but also a smooth flow of fresh fish to customers worldwide.

Why choose Neerlandia Urk as a plaice supplier?

  • Reliable Supplier: Neerlandia Urk, with over 50 years of experience, is known as a reliable supplier of high-quality plaice products.
  • In-house Processing: The entire processing takes place at Neerlandia Urk, from catching to packaging, so control over quality and freshness is taken on its own responsibility.
  • Extensive Assortment: Neerlandia Urk offers a wide range of plaice products, including plaice whole, various plaice fillets and breaded options, to meet a variety of needs.
  • Global Export: An established player in Europe’s largest fish center, Neerlandia Urk exports its high-quality plaice worldwide, where the company is known for its commitment to sustainability and compliance with certifications such as MSC, ASC, and IFS higher level.

Plaice processing at Neerlandia Urk

Plaice processing at Neerlandia Urk

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