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Frozen fish processed at Neerlandia Urk

Discover Neerlandia Urk’s frozen fish processing, where diligence and advanced freezing technology come together. From plaice to salmon, lemon sole and squid, our focus is on freshness, hygiene and food safety. Explore our assortment and contact us for questions or orders. Let Neerlandia Urk be your partner in the world of frozen fish.

Processing frozen plaice

At Neerlandia Urk, our frozen plaice undergoes a careful process. Freshly caught plaice is first carefully imposed, then quickly frozen using advanced freezing technology. Finally, each frozen plaice fillet is packed with extreme precision and care, striving for optimal freshness and quality at every step of our processing.

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Double-decker freezing
Frozen Salmon in ice cream

Processing frozen salmon

At Neerlandia Urk, we process frozen salmon with passion and precision. Our salmon undergoes a careful process to preserve its rich flavor. From catch to packaging, we meet high standards of hygiene and food safety. Our frozen salmon embodies not only culinary delight, but also our commitment to excellence and sustainability. Discover the taste and quality of Neerlandia Urk.

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Processing frozen lemon sole

Explore our wide range of frozen sole bar products, including whole sole bar with skin, available in a variety of weights. Choose from pan-ready options, both individually quick frozen and fresh. Also explore our frozen sole fillets, with the choice of skin or without, in various weights and single or double varieties. Select between individually quick frozen or fresh options. Discover the versatility of our frozen lemon sole products.

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Frozen squid

Processing frozen squid

Our squid offers a range of options to meet a variety of needs. Available in various weights, both individually quick frozen and fresh, we can meet the needs of our customers. Our complete products are offered in convenient packaging, including bulk sizes of 5-10 kg in cardboard boxes and 6-20 kg in Polystyrene boxes.

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Learn more about our frozen fish options. Please feel free to contact us with questions about our selection, product availability or other possibilities. We are ready to assist you and work together to create a tasteful and sustainable future. Let us be your partner in the world of frozen fish.