Verse filet in platic bakje

Fresh seafood processed at Neerlandia Urk

Neerlandia has been responsible for fresh fish processing for more than 50 years. With our own company with 5000m2 of production space, we process over 16,000 tons of production annually. We offer a wide assortment of fresh fish including salmon, plaice, lemon sole, squid and more. Our fresh fish is processed under the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements. We are proud of our IFS higher level, MSC and ASC certifications, which confirm our commitment to food safety and environmental stewardship. Our commitment to sustainability and quality extends into every action of our operations.

Plaice fillet in a tray

Fresh plaice

Enjoy our plaice fillet selection, with or without skin, in a variety of weights and the option to order single or double. These are available as individual quick frozen or fresh. For added convenience, we also offer breaded and/or pre-fried plaice fillets.

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Fresh salmon

Discover a wide range of salmon products, including fillets, portions and loins, both skinned and skinless, in various sizes and trims. These are available as fresh and individually quick frozen. Our offerings also include steaks, salmon burgers and cubes, all individually quick frozen.

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Salmon filet on ice
Fresh lemon sole

Fresh sole

Explore our diverse range of solefish products, including whole solefish with or without skin, in various weights, ready to cook, both individually quick frozen and fresh. Discover also our sole fillets, with the choice of skin or without, in different weights, single or double options, individually quick frozen or fresh, with the possibility of breaded and/or pre-fried variants.

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Fresh squid

Explore our versatile squid options, available as whole squid in a variety of weights, both individually quick frozen and fresh. Explore the possibilities of enjoying this flavorful seafood in a variety of culinary applications.

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Fresh squid

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Learn more about our fresh seafood options. Please feel free to contact us with questions about our selection, product availability or other possibilities. We are ready to assist you and work together to create a tasteful and sustainable future. Let us be your partner in the world of fresh fish.