Neerlandia Urk: Your Partner in Fish Wholesale

Neerlandia Urk is a fish wholesale where quality, freshness and reliability come together. We are located in the heart of Urk, a thriving fishing community in the Netherlands. We have a rich tradition and more than 50 years of experience in the seafood industry. Our company takes pride in our strong relationships with local fishermen and suppliers, allowing us to deliver the best and freshest fish to our customers around the world.

Fresh fish processing

Fresh fish processing at Neerlandia Urk

At Neerlandia Urk, the quality of our products is paramount. We specialize in processing fresh fish of the highest quality. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that each fish is carefully handled and processed according to strict hygiene standards. From fillets to whole fish, we offer a wide range of fresh seafood to meet the demands of our customers.

Frozen fish processing

At Neerlandia Urk, we emphasize quality, especially when processing frozen fish. Our expert professionals ensure that each fish is carefully handled and processed according to strict sanitary standards. From fillets to whole fish, our range of frozen fish products meets the high demands of our customers.

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Frozen fish processing

Advanced Storage Solutions for Frozen Fish

As a fish wholesale, we have specially designed freezer storage with state-of-the-art freezing technologies. These advanced storage methods ensure rapid freezing, essential for preserving the flavor and texture of our fish. Our freezing facilities are strictly regulated to ensure the highest quality of our seafood throughout the storage period.

Fish wholesale

Food Safety and Quality Control at Your Fish Wholesale

At Neerlandia Urk, your specialist fish wholesale, food safety is a top priority. Our storage facilities undergo regular inspections and maintenance in accordance with the highest industry standards. With continuous quality controls, we ensure that all our seafood products meet our strict quality standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Assortment of Salmon, North Sea fish and Atlantic fish

At Neerlandia Urk, we offer a wide assortment divided into categories such as Atlantic fish, North Sea fish, and Salmon. We proudly use our cutter, the Z-300, for sustainable fishing, guaranteeing the freshness and quality of our products. Our offerings reflect our expertise and commitment to food safety and customer satisfaction.

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