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Wholesale salmon vs retail salmon – What makes the difference?

At Neerlandia, we offer both salmonfor wholesalers and retail. Basically the same fish, yet there is a difference in the fish processing. Our salmon comes directly from a farm in Norway, due to short lines and rapid processing keeps the salmon as fresh as possible. In this way, we always deliver high quality fish. The difference between wholesale salmon and retail salmon lies in the later stages of processing, namely portioning and packing.

Salmon for wholesale

At Neerlandia, we produce mostly wholesale salmon. The first stage of processing is the same as retail salmon. We fillet the fish and process it into a specific trim. We can also portion the salmon. At Neerlandia we also offer fresh salmon, this sets us apart from the competition. The wholesale salmon we supply mainly in bulk, in Tempex or Bulk boxes . We specialize in supplying wholesalers and processing both fresh and Norwegian salmon.

Salmon for wholesale

Salmon for retail

The salmon we supply to retail customers at Neerlandia we can process very specifically. We offer both fresh and frozen salmon. The first stage of salmon processing is the same as wholesale salmon, this is basically always filleting. The salmon we supply for retail can vary greatly in processing, for example processing to very specific portions and operations such as with skin, without skin or deep skinned. Especially when packaging we know how to distinguish ourselves by offering many options. In addition, we also offer private label packaging.

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Do you have questions about our retail or wholesale salmon? No then contact with us.

Salmon processing

The processing of salmon is done almost entirely by machine at Neerlandia and we do it with state-of-the-art machinery. For both wholesale and retail salmon, processing begins with the rinsing and dehulling of the fish. Then the salmon are filleted and go to the pinbone machine, this machine removes bones. After pinching, we check the salmon manually. This entire process is general. The next step in fish processing depends on the customer’s desire, what kind of product is requested? Neerlandia offers many options, both in terms of portioning and further processing, such as skinning, processing into burgers or marinating.

The latest equipment

Neerlandia has the latest equipment in terms of pinboning and skinning. The four lane pinball machine is incredibly accurate and ensures that the processing process is accelerated and we can always deliver the highest quality salmon.
To skin the salmon we use a ‘Salmon Skinner’, this machine removes the skin from the fillets. Because of our new dehairing machine we can offer high quality deepskin salmon, this is especially sought after on the American market. In deep-skin salmon, in addition to the direct skin, the subcutaneous fat layer is removed, leaving only the clean fillet.

Further processing

In addition to skinning, the customer can choose to have the salmon portioned or further processed. At Neerlandia, we have highly accurate portioning technology that can process salmon into all common sizes and trims in terms of fillets, loins and steaks. In addition, we can portion the salmon into cubes and portions for poké bowls. Finally, the salmon can be made into burgers.
After processing, the packaging process begins. We pack in Bulk as well as in small packages or individual vacuum . In bulk, salmon is delivered in 3 to 20 kilograms, depending on the processing. Smaller packaging options vary and can be delivered frozen or vacuumed. At Neerlandia, you also have the option of having the salmon packaged under your private label.

Embalaje packaging of Nordia Signature and North Sea Best.

Why customers choose Neerlandia:

  • Our range of processing, packaging and shipping is extremely wide, and we also supply private label products.
  • We deliver year-round, not just during peak season.
  • We supply both fresh and frozen Norwegian salmon.
  • Neerlandia specializes in processing Norwegian salmon.
  • There is always stock available of Salmon, Plaice and Dover sole, so we can deliver flexibly and quickly.
  • Rapid changeover in the processing process for each species of fish makes it possible to process small quantities of fish, which is why it remains possible for us to deliver throughout the year.
  • By applying the latest techniques in fish processing, we always deliver a quality product.

More information about processing and packaging options can be found here: Salmon (Salmo salar) bulk distribution to Wholesalers – Neerlandia Urk

Sustainable and safe Salmon

For both our wholesale and retail salmon we work with two quality marks, the ASC label and the BIO label . The ASC label indicates that all the salmon we supply has been responsibly farmed. At the breeder’s, the salmon have enough space and experience as little stress as possible.
In addition, there is also the option for salmon that meets the BIO label, this means that the retail and wholesale salmon also meets the requirements for organic farming. The salmon are not given antibiotics and have more living space. In addition, they live longer.

In addition to supplying sustainably farmed salmon, we also attach great importance to food safety. At Neerlandia, we have strict rules during the processing process to ensure food safety. This also contributes to the quality of our product. So we have the BRCGS certificate, so we comply with the BRCGS food safety certification and with the IFS food production certification.

  • Neerlandia ensures sustainability by only processing ASC, MSC or Bio certified fish.
  • Food safety is of paramount importance, so Neerlandia complies with BRCGS and IFS food certifications.

International distribution

Our customers include both wholesalers and retailers, all from different parts of Europe and parts of the United States. Customers from different areas have very different requirements, which is why the difference between wholesale and retail is quite fluid. What in the Netherlands is seen as a hefty wholesale business may represent no more than an average supermarket in southern Europe. In addition, whether wholesalers also supply consumers varies by country. We therefore leave the choice of product processing and packaging to the customer.

Truck loading with fish

Why customers choose Neerlandia:

  • Because of our short lines with suppliers, our fish has excellent traceability.
  • Neerlandia is a family business where trust, service and quality are paramount, we are flexible and enjoy working with our customers.
  • We are able to respond excellently to customer needs because of our flexibility.
  • Neerlandia delivers internationally, customers are located both in Europe and America. For example, we have a lot of experience exporting to different parts of the world. Neerlandia is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Neerlandia is flexible in delivery size.
Warehouse full of pallets of fish


For all types of salmon from one pallet or more, our sales team will be happy to assist you. If you have questions about the salmon or other fish we supply, please contact us.