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Neerlandia Urk is one of the largest suppliers of Salmon. We handle the import and export of salmon both within and outside Europe. So for a supplier of Salmon (Salmo salar), look no further than the experienced fishermen and fish processors of Neerlandia Urk. As one of the largest fish processing companies in Urk, the largest fish center in Europe, we have been a mainstay for more than 50 years. Our family business has more than 150 employees dedicated to supplying and processing fish according to the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements.

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How Neerlandia Urk became a major salmon supplier

Neerlandia Urk, a family-owned enterprise with deep roots in fish processing, boasts generations of expertise. With over 250 skilled employees, the company emphasizes the production of high-quality seafood, maintaining top hygiene and food safety standards. Our salmon, sourced from premier Norwegian farms, is processed using advanced automated lines to ensure freshness and quality. Committed to tradition and excellence, Neerlandia offers a diverse range of salmon products, catering to various customer needs while adhering to strict certification standards.

The Choice of Quality

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of salmon products (Salmo salar), you need look no further than Neerlandia Urk. With over 50 years of experience in the seafood industry, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and dedication to providing high-quality salmon products. As one of the largest fish processing companies in Urk, the largest fish center in Europe, we have built a reputation as a mainstay in the industry. Neerlandia Urk not only handles the import and export of salmon within Europe, but extends its wings to destinations worldwide. As a globally recognized player in the salmon trade, we understand the demands of international markets and adapt our services to meet your specific needs.

Commitment to Hygiene and Food Safety

At Neerlandia Urk, we believe that quality starts at the source. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and food safety throughout our production process. From the moment of capture to delivery to your door, we take every step to ensure that our salmon products meet the strictest standards. Thus, we meet multiple certifications such as MSC, ASC, Global and more

Why Choose Neerlandia Urk?

  • Reliable Supplier: As an established name in the seafood industry, we are known for our reliability and integrity.
  • Quality products: Our salmon products are of the highest quality, with attention to taste and freshness.
  • International Service: We offer import and export of salmon all over the world, meeting various market requirements.
  • Commitment to Standards: Our commitment to hygiene and food safety ensures a top-notch product.
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Discover for yourself the benefits of Neerlandia Urk as your salmon supplier. Contact us today to learn more about our product range and how we can meet your specific needs. Choose quality, choose Neerlandia Urk – your trusted partner in salmon deliveries.