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For more than 50 years, Neerlandia Urk has been one of the largest fish processing companies in Urk, the largest fish center in Europe. With a team of more than 150 dedicated employees, we supply and process fish of the highest quality according to the strictest standards of hygiene and food safety. Our family business is proud to supply top quality fish to international cash & carry wholesalers, food services, supermarkets and fish stores.

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Our range of Fresh Salmon

Salmon whole

For those who like to prepare whole salmon, we also offer whole salmon. These are available in bulk packs of 6-20 kg in polystyrene boxes, giving you the freedom to prepare the salmon as you wish. Whether for a festive occasion or a family meal, our whole salmon are an excellent choice for fresh fish lovers.

Salmon fillets

Our salmon fillet, available with or without skin, offers a versatile option for your culinary creations. We offer fillets in all common sizes and trims, both individually quick frozen and fresh. For your convenience and flexibility, our salmon fillets are packaged according to your preference. Choose from bulk packs of 10-20 kg in cardboard or polystyrene boxes, or go for individually vacuum-packed fillets.

Salmon portions

Our salmon portions, available with or without skin, offer convenience and precision in the kitchen. With various sizes and weights available, they are perfect for any dish. Choose from bulk packs of 5-20 kg, individually vacuum-packed pieces or retail packs such as bags of 500-1000 grams.


Our salmon loins, available with or without skin and in various sizes, offer them versatility in the kitchen. Choose from bulk packs of 5-20 kg, individually vacuum-packed pieces or retail packs such as bags of 500-1000 grams.

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Salmon processing at Neerlandia Urk

At Neerlandia Urk, the processing of fresh salmon begins with the careful selection of the best quality fish from the Norwegian fjords, known for their delicious Norwegian salmon. Our modern production facility meets the strictest standards of certifications. Here our staff processes salmon using the latest equipment, with quality being paramount. We offer a range of salmon filleting and processing options, and our flexible packaging options, including private label, are tailored to the needs of retail, wholesale and cash and carry. Our advanced freezing technology guarantees the optimal quality and taste of our salmon products while maintaining the structure of the fish.

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Contact Neerlandia Urk for all your questions or to place your order. Our experienced sales staff is ready to help you further and provide you with the best salmon products that meet your needs and requirements. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your fishing needs.