Yellowfin sole

Neerlandia starts processing directly imported flatfish from Alaska, United States

New supply line with imports of Pacific flatfish species to Europe

Neerlandia has started importing flatfish species directly from the United States since December 2021. Currently, there are major stock shortages due to the stagnation in the traditional supply of seafood. Therefore, the processing of rock sole is started, yellowfin sole and Alaskan plaice . There is already great interest and a large number of applications.

Stop exporting from China

The reason is the strongly reduced possibility of importing these fish species from China. Since the corona pandemic, flatfish exports have come to a standstill. Known reasons are rising transport costs and logistical problems. This ensures that Chinese companies can realize higher margins on domestic sales. There are also government measures that encourage personal consumption of food. In the process, blockades have been imposed on exports to Europe.

Our product range: Yellowfin sole, Alaska plaice and rock sole

Neerlandia’s product range will initially consist of American flatfish species caught in the Pacific Ocean. The FAO 67 catch area near Alaska.
The range consists of:

Alaska Plaice Flatfish
Alaska Plaice Flatfish
Rocksole Flatfish
  • Rocksole (Lepidopsetta bilineata): It has a mild flavor and a firm texture. The name sole is somewhat confusing as it is a flop. In Germany the fish is known as Pacific plaice and in Italy as Pacific flounder.

Frozen at sea on board trawlers

Freezing Pacific flatfish is done directly on board the US and Russian trawlers. After the catch, the fish is immediately frozen and packed in transport boxes, in this way the fish retains the highest possible quality.
The big advantage is that the ship can continue fishing until the hold is full. With greater distances and turbulent weather conditions near Alaska, this is economically advantageous and most importantly, sustainable.

Neerlandia also continues to purchase fresh North Sea flatfish that is preserved with ice. The ship must come ashore after 5 days to unload the cargo. On the North Sea, the distances are relatively small, making this an ideal supply line for Neerlandia when sourcing the freshest North Sea fish .


Neerlandia buys whole fish, after which it is thawed and processed. The filleting machines can be used efficiently through the combination with purchasing European flatfish species. In this way we strive for permanently competitive sales prices.

Fast distribution throughout Europe

Distribution throughout Europe has started towards wholesalers, business to business, retail and food service parties.
Neerlandia can deliver faster when importing from the United States. Previously, the product was transported twice within the chain by container. First for processing to China, and then on transport to Europe. Now that is reduced to one time. That is sustainable and efficient.
As an EU processed product, an additional advantage is that we can guarantee short delivery times.

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