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The best salmon for wholesale fish suppliers

As an experienced fish proceccor, we have the best Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) on offer for your wholesale business. Neerlandia Urk is an experienced and professional processor and supplier of a wide range of North Sea fish and salmon products. Our Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) is always of high quality and sold at a competitive price for wholesale fish suppliers. We are your partner in fish products.

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Wide range
North Sea fish and
salmon products with
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A wide range of salmon options for your wholesale business

Our company is located in Urk, the Netherlands. This fishing town is the largest fishery centre of Europe, and we have been one of its leading fish companies for over fifty years. Our delicious Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) comes in a wide range of options, so as a fish processor we always have the right salmon for wholesale fish suppliers.

  • Fillets, with or without skin
  • Portions and loins, with without skin
  • Steaks, in all popular sizes and wiehgs
  • Salmon burgers, breaded and pre-fried
  • Cubes, natural but also breaded and pre-fried
  • Salmon for poke bowls

Without our Salmo salar your wholesale business is not complete

No matter your choice, all salmon is individually quick-frozen shortly after getting caught. As a salmon processor, we offer our Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in a wide range of packaging options. This way you can always order delicious Atlantic salmon, whether you own a large or a small wholesale business. Besides the Atlantic salmon, we are also a processor and supplier of Norwegian salmon.

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Order your delicious Atlantic salmon

Get in touch with the fish processing experts from the Netherlands. Contact Neerlandia Urk’s office by calling +31527748509 or by sending an e-mail to info@neerlandia.com. Ask all aboutour packaging. Our experts are also happy to answer all your questions about the specifications of our salmon. We are excited to be your fish supplier. Whether you order our beautiful salmons or delicious cod, all of our fish is fresh and delicious.