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Your supplier of Lemon sole

Neerlandia Urk is one of the largest processors of Lemon sole. We provide import and export both within and outside Europe. So for a supplier of Lemon sole(Microstomus kitt), look no further than the experienced fishermen and fish processors of Neerlandia Urk. As one of the largest fish processing companies in Urk, the largest fishing center in Europe, we have been a mainstay for more than 50 years. Our family business has more than 150 employees dedicated to supplying and processing fish according to the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements.

Lemon sole range

Wide range of lemon sole products of excellent quality

Wide range of lemon sole products

Lemon sole with skin:

  • Flavor and Texture: Our skinned lemon sole retains its natural flavor and texture, making it a favorite for lovers of authentic fish dishes.
  • Culinary Versatility: Ideal for grilling recipes and dishes where the skin adds an extra layer of flavor and crunch.

Lemon sole skinless:

  • Convenience and Speed: The skinless version offers the convenience of instant cooking, saving cooks precious time without compromising on quality.
  • Versatility in Kitchen Use: Perfect for recipes where the focus is on the pure, juicy flavor of sole dock without the skin.

Lemon sole fillet skinless:

  • Sublime Tenderness: Our skinless sole fillet is known for its exceptional tenderness, making it a favorite for foodies seeking a delicate mouthfeel.
  • Easy Integration: Suitable for a wide range of culinary applications, from grilled dishes to sophisticated seafood.

Breaded lemon sole:

  • Crispy Perfection: The breaded lemon sole offers a crispy exterior that perfectly envelops the juiciness of the fish, creating an attractive texture.
  • Easy Preparation: Ideal for quick meals or as a savory addition to a variety of recipes where a crispy crust makes all the difference.

The choice of quality

Look no further for a reliable supplier of Lemon sole(Microstomus kitt) than Neerlandia Urk. With more than 50 years of experience in the seafood industry, we are your dedicated partner for high-quality lemon sole products. As one of the largest fish processing companies in Urk, Europe’s main fish center, we have built a solid reputation as an industry leader. Neerlandia Urk not only provide the import and export of lemon sole within Europe, but also reaches worldwide. As an internationally recognized player, we understand the demands of global markets and adapt our services to meet your specific needs. Choose quality with Neerlandia Urk, your trusted partner in sole trade.

Hygiene and food safety

At Neerlandia Urk, we guarantee quality from the source, and we are convinced that this is the core. Therefore, we strive to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and food safety throughout our production process. From the moment of capture to delivery to your door, we take every measure possible to ensure that our sole bar products meet the strictest standards. We hold several certifications, including MSC, ASC, Global and more, as proof of our commitment to these rigorous standards.

Why Choose Neerlandia Urk?

  • Reliable Supplier: As an established name in the seafood industry, we are known for our reliability and integrity.
  • Quality products: Our lemon sole products are of the highest quality, with attention to taste and freshness.
  • International Service: We offer import and export of salmon all over the world, meeting various market requirements.
  • Commitment to Standards: Our commitment to hygiene and food safety ensures a top-notch product.
Lemon sole filleting

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Discover for yourself the benefits of Neerlandia Urk as your sole dab supplier. Contact us today to learn more about our product range and how we can meet your specific needs. Choose quality, choose Neerlandia Urk – your trusted partner in sole deliveries.