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Lemon sole for wholesale fish suppliers

At Neerlandia Urk, we take great pride in offering superior Lemon Sole (Microstomus kitt), a top choice for fish suppliers everywhere. Harvested from the vast expanse of the North Sea, this premium fish is brought to our facilities on a daily basis, ensuring a constant supply of fresh catch for processing. Our meticulous handling processes, including the individual quick-freezing of each Lemon Sole, guarantee that the freshness and natural quality of the fish are preserved. This method seals in the flavor, texture, and nutritional value, ensuring that each fish maintains its peak condition from the sea to your doorstep. Place your confidence in the seasoned professionals at Neerlandia Urk to supply your business with the finest Lemon Sole, expertly preserved for your culinary needs.

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We have lemon sole to sell wholesale

Neerlandia Urk has over fifty years of fishing experience and is located in the biggest fishery centre of Europe. With its staff of over two-hundred people, this company is an expert in processing and supplying the best fish the sea has to offer. If it is sole you require for your wholesale business, why stop at lemon sole? This company has excellent yellowfin sole. For another fish that is guaranteed to make your customers’ mouths water, check out our dover sole.

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Call Neerlandia Urk’s office in Urk, the Netherlands, using number +31527748509 to ask all your questions about their company or order your lemon sole for your wholesale business. You can also reach them through e-mail: info@neerlandia.com. Our lemon sole is packaged with excellent materials. We hope you enjoy our assortment of lemon sole.