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Greenland halibut for your wholesale business

We have high quality Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossiodes) on offer for your wholesale business. Also known as the black halibut, blue halibut, lesser halibut and Newfoundland turbot, this fish is caught south of Greenland’s coast and to the west of the coast of Canada. Neerlandia Urk is specialised in supplying and processing a wide range of fish, including Greeland halibut, for wholesale fish suppliers.

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Excellent Greenland halibut for wholesale fish suppliers

We have the best Greenland halibut on offer. Our Greenland halibut comes in fillets, steaks and portions and loins. All of these are individually quick-frozen and as fresh as they could possibly be. The fillets, portions and loins can all be ordered with or without skin. All our Greenland halibut comes in a wide range of packaging, so all types of wholesale fish suppliers can order from us. Whether you want individually vacuum packed fish or retail strays, we have it all. Our bulk boxes go up to 20 kilograms and are either cardboard or polystyrene.

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The experts of Neerlandia Urk are happy help you with our excellent Greenland halibut. Call +31527748509 or send an e-mail to info@neerlandia.com and reach our office in Urk, the Netherlands. Don’t forget that we offer all kinds of fish, such as beautiful flounder. In case you want to stick closer to the halibut’s waters, we also have the Atlantic redfish on offer. We have various options when it comes to our Greenland halibut.