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Neerlandia Urk distinguishes itself as a premier wholesaler in the Brill (Scophthalmus rhombus) market, with a deep-rooted specialization in the fishing and processing of North Sea species. Our comprehensive knowledge and skills span the entire spectrum of fish processing, allowing us to offer an extensive variety of Brill to meet the varied demands of our clients. From a selection of styles and weights to the most suitable packaging solutions, Neerlandia Urk is dedicated to providing top-quality Brill in the most efficient and customer-focused manner. Our commitment to excellence and our focus on sustainable practices make us the preferred choice for wholesale Brill purchases, ensuring that our clients receive products of unmatched quality and freshness.

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Neerlandia Urk is a professional and experienced supplier of North Sea fish and salmon products. As one of the leading fish processing companies in Urk, we supply the best brill for wholesale fish trade, food service companies, supermarkets, and fish shops. We offer our brill whole and as fillets. Both of these options come with and without skin, depending on your preferences. Our company offers these delicious brill products individually vacuum packed in polystyrene boxes up to 20 kilograms for wholesale prices.

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We have excellent brill for you. With ‘from ship to shelf’ processing chain, we offer the best fish. We are located in Urk, the Netherlands, also knowns as the largest fishery centre in Europe. Call us on +31527748509 or send an e-mail to info@neerlandia.com. For all information on our brill, take a look at the specifications.