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Neerlandia Urk is one of the largest supplier of Alaska plaice. We handle the import and export of this alaska plaice both within and outside Europe. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of Alaska plaice (Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus), look no further than the experienced fishermen and fish processors at Neerlandia Urk. As one of the largest fish processing companies in Urk, the largest fish center in Europe, we have been a leading fish supplier for more than 50 years. Our family business, with more than 150 dedicated employees, guarantees the delivery and processing of fish to the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.

Purchasing Alaska Plaice where quality is paramount

At Neerlandia, quality is paramount, right from the moment we source our Alaska Plaice. Our team looks for the very best fish on the market. We want to be sure that every fish we choose is fresh, tasty and of high quality. We work with reliable suppliers around the world who meet our strict requirements. It’s not just about what the fish looks like, but where it came from.

Processing with Our Own Machinery and Dedicated Personnel

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At Neerlandia, we cherish the art of processing Alaska plaice, and our commitment to craftsmanship is at the heart of every step of this process. Our passionate team of experts is committed to delivering a product of unparalleled freshness through careful filleting, freezing processes and attention to detail.

Filing with Careful Expertise:

Our professionals approach filleting Alaska plaice as an art. Each fish is handled with care and precision to ensure that each piece retains optimal flavor and is free of unwanted bones. This process requires not only skill, but also a deep understanding of the fish and the needs of our customers.

Freezing for Preservation of Freshness:

After careful filleting, the Alaska plaice undergoes our advanced freezing process. Modern freezing technologies are employed to ensure that the freshness of the fish is maintained. This rapid freezing process ensures that the natural flavor, texture and nutrients of the fish remain intact, allowing you to enjoy a product that retains the essence of the ocean

Craft Approach to Freshness:

Whether you choose fresh or frozen, Neerlandia embodies an artisanal approach to the processing of Alaskan plaice . Our goal is not only to provide a top quality fish product, but also to preserve the natural beauty of the fish. We strive to enrich your culinary experience with a product treated with care and craftsmanship, ready to delight your taste buds.

Alaska Plaice processing at Neerlandia Urk

How to Fillet an Alaskan Plaice

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Discover the quality of Alaska plaice at Neerlandia Urk, where craftsmanship and dedication come together. With more than 50 years of experience and a strong reputation in hygiene and food safety, we invite you to contact us. Experience for yourself why Neerlandia Urk is the supplier of Alaska plaice, and let us meet your specific needs.