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Delicious turbot for your wholesale business

When it comes to turbot (Psetta maxima) for wholesale vendors, Neerlandia Urk is a trusted partner. Caught through twin rig fishing and immediately quick-frozen, our fish is delicious and fresh. If you are a wholesale business, we have the best turbot for you.



Our turbot options for wholesale vendors

To satisfy our wholesale vendors, we have various options when it comes to our turbot. Our whole turbots are ready to eat, available with and without skin and come in various weights. You can also order our filets in weights that suit your preference. They also come with and without skin. When it comes to our packaging, our cardboard boxes start at 5 kilograms and to up to 10 kilograms. Our polystyrene boxes go from 6 kilograms up to 20 kilograms. Regardless of the box type, each whole fish or fillet is individually vacuum packed. As experts in fish processing, we offer these options to all of our fish, like our tasty cod.

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Neerlandia Urk is ready to supply wholesalers with all kinds of delicious fish, from turbot to Norwegian salmon. Get in touch with our office in Urk, the Netherlands, by calling +31 (0) 527 206 530 or by sending an e-mail to info@neerlandia.com. We are glad to answer all your questions about the details of our turbot.