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Nordia – The exclusive line of seafood products from Neerlandia

With Nordia Signature, Neerlandia Urk presents an exclusive range of products caught in the North Atlantic Ocean off Canada. The cool, northern waters are clean and rich in oxygen, which contributes to tasty and pure natural products. Nordia Signature stands for superior quality, because every step in production is subject to strict requirements when it comes to hygiene and food safety.

Exclusive natural products

The fish is caught using MSC-certified fishing methods that ensure sustainable fishing. Our partners in Canada support and lead scientific research journeys. Together with the Canadian Department of Fisheries & Oceans, it participates in the development of fisheries management plans. Fishing spares sensitive areas and takes into account reproduction during the spawning period.3

Norwegian salmon

More than half of all farmed salmon that appears on a plate worldwide originates in Norway. Neerlandia Urk works together with the very best nurseries from Norway, with corresponding certifications. We have everything in-house to process, store and/or export salmon. We sort salmon products down to the gram using the most modern equipment. Whether fresh or frozen fish products. Quality and efficiency are paramount.

Salmon in ice

Salmon has become one of the most important products in recent years. Neerlandia Urk is located at a central location in the logistics chain. Direct access to salmon farms in Scotland, Iceland and Norway, which are ideally located away from the Neerlandia-Urk processing area. From there, the salmon can be quickly distributed by road throughout Europe. For export to the United States and the rest of the world, Neerlandia-Urk is located a short distance from Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam. Origin: NORWAY, SCOTLAND and ICELAND

FILLET (with or without skin)

  • in all common sizes and trims
  • individually vacuum packed
  • individual quick frozen and fresh
Salmon vacuum packed in Nordia Signature

PORTIONS & LOINS (with or without skin)

  • in all common sizes and weights
  • vacuum packed/chain packing
  • individual quick frozen and fresh


  • in all common sizes and weights
  • individual quick frozen and fresh


  • individual quick frozen
  • breaded and pre-fried
Halibut filet with lemon and thyme

greenland halibut

The Greenland halibut is caught in the waters around Newfoundland. The fish is frozen on board immediately after being caught. In the factory in the Netherlands, the fish is further processed into fillets, loins or steaks. Greenlandic halibut has a nice texture. Origin: CANADA

FILLET (with or without skin)

  • 200-400, 400-700, 700-1000, 1000-1700 grams
  • individual quick frozen and fresh

PORTIONS and LOINS (with or without skin)

  • in various weights
  • individual quick frozen and fresh


  • in various weights
  • individual quick frozen and fresh
Redfish on ice

Deep sea redfish

Deep sea redfish are wild caught in the waters around Newfoundland. The fish is immediately frozen on board the ship after it has been caught. Origin: CANADA


  • individual quick frozen and fresh
  • H&G


• with and without skin
• individual quick frozen and fresh

Other products

In addition to the Nordia Signature range, we also offer a wide range of North Sea products under the North Sea Best label, such as:

  • Plaice
  • Tongue
  • Sea bass
  • mu
  • lemon sole
  • Gurnard
  • Calamari
  • Dab
  • Whiting

Packaging for every target group

Nordia and North Sea Best bags

Nordia Signature’s fish products are available for various target groups, from retail to wholesale. Both fresh, vacuum packed and frozen. Packed in a stylish way that matches the quality of this exclusive product. Thanks to our own production, we are able to provide custom solutions. We would be happy to discuss all options with you. Stylish packaging gives extra appearance to this exclusive natural product.

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In-house production

Originally Neerlandia Urk specialized in processing North Sea fish, but now fish is imported daily from all over the world. Every year, almost 20,000 tons of fish are processed in the 5,000 m2 production area. 95% of this fish is intended for export. Nordia Signature products are produced in-house by Neerlandia Urk. For almost half a century one of the leading fish processing companies on Urk, the largest fishing center in Europe. More than 200 employees are dedicated to processing and supplying fish.

Neerlandia Urk has ultramodern processing areas with its own freezing installation and storage of deep-frozen products. A lot of fish is filleted manually, but we also have filleting machines for, among other things, the production of salmon. Most fish is shipped within 48 hours to our customers in Europe, such as Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Scandinavia. With production in-house, we produce according to the strictest requirements and guarantee top quality.


Sustainable fishing and farming

Dealing with the earth in a responsible manner, so that future generations also benefit from the food sources that nature offers us. This is our starting point in the production of Nordia Signature. Sustainably caught with respect for nature. Responsible use of the fish stocks, so that they can remain at a good level and together we ensure a stable food source. Responsible use of nature is also a precondition for fish farming, and we opt for products that are fully traceable. All our products are provided with recognized sustainability certificates.

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