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Buy dab for your wholesale business

Buy dab (Limanda limanda) wholesale from the experienced suppliers of North Sea fish from Urk. For more than fifty years this company has been one of the leading fish processors. They supply dab at the highest quality to international wholesale vendors, food service companies, supermarkets and fish shops.


Dab for wholesale vendors

Neerlandia Urk sells their dab whole, in fillets and in goujons. If you are interested in our whole and fillet options, these come with or without skin. All of our dab for wholesale vendors come in various weights in a wide range of packages. Whole dab comes in cardboard or polystyrene boxes with individually packed fish. Our company’s fillets and goujons come also come in cardboard and polystyrene, but we also offer boxes and bags for retailers. Do not forget to check out our other amazing fish, such as our wonderful plaice.

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Order delicious dab

If you are a wholesale fish vendor, be sure to order beautiful dab from the experts of Neerlandia Urk. Ask all about our packaging options. Reach out to our office in Urk, the largest fishery centre in the world, by calling +31 (0) 527 206 530 or by sending an e-mail to info@neerlandia.com. Please take a look at the specifications of this delicious fish.